Stories & video messages
for the children

My first family treasure chest

What is Story Enjoy?

An app to tell stories, via videos and at distance

Our features

Your child

and his family tribe

A universe dedicated to each child; a universe in which he is in contact with his entire family who shares stories and video messages with him.

Schedule when

the stories are sent

You can record a story today and schedule the delivery on his or her birthday.

A true safe

filled by his family

Each child has his own universe to view his stories and his video messages.

His parents supervise the account in the safest way possible.


your gifts

> You can add a personalized video message at the beginning or at the end of each story.

> Or send our little video postcards from our albums!

200 stories to tell

on video

25 publishers have entrusted us with amazing children's books, sorted by themes and based on the development stages of children!

A family subscription for unlimited stories

Commitment-free and cancellable at any time, invite at no extra cost all the members of your family tribe to tell stories.

Our subscription formulas

€ 5.99 / month


For 1 child

€ 10.99 / month


For 2 children

€ 14.99 / month


For 3 children

€ 21.99 / month


For 5 children


€ 29.99 / month


For 10 children

* sans CB et sans engagement

I'm taking advantage of a free month* for one child and his entire family

* Rest assured, no credit card needed

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