🎥 Record 🎥
a story

Here is, in 5 steps only, how to record your first story.

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1 - The bookshelf

In order to record a story, reach the bookshelf and choose a book. You can:

👉🏻 browse the 4 first pages

👉🏽 set it as favorite (for later use)

👉🏿 start the record


💡 Tip : Click on the magnifying glass on the top right corner to filter the books. You will be able to choose a specific age range, a language, special themes... 

2 - Recording

Choose a book, adjust your camera (it starts automatically) and let's go!

A prompter will display with the book first's page and the text to tell. Click on next when you have finished reading!


💡 Tip : Loose yourself! You will be able to check your performance and start again, if you want so! 

3 - Checking

At the end of the record, you can:

👉🏾 Review your performance

👉🏻 Restart your recording

👉🏼 Cancel your recording 🙈

⚠️ Be careful : This not over! If you are satisfied of your performance, then click on "Continue" 🚀

4 - Personalizing

At the end of your recording, you still can add / remove a kid from who to send the story.


By clicking on a selected kid's profile, you also can:

👉record for him an introduction and/or a conclusion video that you can customize for each kid

👉🏻 set a date for the kid to receive the story later! 

5 - Sending

Once you are satisfied of your story and your customization, validate to send your story.

Be careful : Wait for the end of the sending to leave the page, and after a short moment (we add a treatment on the video in our side) your kids will be able to read the story 🥰