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treasure chest

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What has changed?


Operate as

a family tribe

Each child has his very own universe! And the entire family can be invited to add to the treasure chest. At no extra cost.


Schedule when the stories are sent

You can record a story today and schedule the delivery on his or her birthday.

Enjoy a new


A brand new universe made of stars, rockets, strawberries, treasures... We really made the children's universe very colorful!



your gifts

> You can add a personalized video message at the beginning or at the end of each story.

> Or send our little video postcards from our albums!


new stories

25 publishing houses have entrusted us with new stories. A search engine and filters now make it possible for you to narrow down your choices.


A family subscription

for unlimited stories

Commitment-free and cancellable at any time, invite at no extra cost all the members of your family tribe to tell stories.

Caroline & Manuel, the founders of Story Enjoy

"We have a gift for you!"

To thank you for being with us from the beginning...

A free one-year subscription for each of your little ones 

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