Manage your
👶 little ones 👶 

Here is explained, in 5 steps only, how to manage your kids and their tribes.

And if you still need help, leave us a message!

1 - Getting in

The app contains two main zones:

👉🏾 The kids zone, which is used by the kids you supervised to access and watch their stories, and to send video messages.


👉 The adult zone, protected by a password or a puzzle, which deserves you to manage your account, your littles ones and to record stories! 

2 - Registering

Once in the adult zone, by clicking on "my account", click on "log in", you will be able to login if you have an account, or subscribe otherwise 🚀


3 - Your kids

Reach the page "My little ones" to manage your kids in Story Enjoy.

From here, you can click on a profile to check it, edit it or you can create a new kid's profile.

💡 Tip : Don't forget to add a picture to your kid, he or she will recognize himself/herself in its kid zone! 

4 - The tribe

Every kid has his/her own tribe, which is the safe group of persons he/she can interact with in Story Enjoy.


The roles are simples :

👉 The supervisor has full control of the kid's account

👉🏻 The facilitator can read any kid's stories and manage the kid's tribe.
👉🏽 The other membres can only access to their own stories.


5 - Subscribe

Every kid must have his/her own universe active to read her/his tribe's stories :


👉🏿 By activating a free month offer, available once per kid

👉🏼 By subscribing or sharing a paying subscription, more details on this page.

👉 By using a pass little one (special offers)